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So you don't want to wait months! Claim your fast spotlight on the Top 10% The SuccessGrid Podcast.

If you’d like to land a spot on the show, you could wait six months for an opening.

But now you can skip to the front of the line to get in front of your target market with a Sponsored Episode.

Introducing The SuccessGrid Podcast Sponsored Episodes.

Showcase your message to an audience of over 20K as a guest on The SuccessGrid Podcast

Claim Your Sponsored Episode

A one-time small fee of $25 gets you interviewed and aired on the fast spotlight! So what’s included:

A one-time guest spot on the podcast for a 30 minutes interview
Downloadable shareable assets including 3 customized episode images, two audiograms and two short videos to make sharing easy (if you choose to share!)
Spotlight on all of my social platforms the week the episode airs
Dedicated feature in my newsletter the week the episode airs
12 Months Guaranteed re-shares on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn