Goal Setting

An Ultimate Guide

Goal Setting: An Ultimate Guide is a complete set of guidance,tips, and insightful strategies and ideas for you to reach your goals in an action oriented manner in a simple way. The Information in it I believe in my opinion in what you need to get things going for you.

  • Why You find it difficult to set goals
  • The model for success
  • What Is Your Main Specific Purpose?
  • Time Management plus a lot more...


What's Inside

here are some of the topics covered for ignition

  • Allow yourself to be successful

    I am yet to meet a successful person without goals. All successful people set goals and are focused enough on a daily basis till they achieve that goal.

  • Why You find it difficult to set goals

    Here’s a mystery that I am yet to unravel myself: if we all have the ability to set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realizable and time-bound, why is that a lot of people find it difficult to set one.

  • The model for success

    The answer is responsibility. You need to accept the fact that you are responsible for your past, present and future conditions.

  • What Is Your Main Specific Purpose?

    This is the goal that is most important to you now. Typically, it is a goal that will lead to the accomplishment of other goals.

  • Develop An Action Plan

    The master skill to success is to set goals and make plans to achieve such goals. Without mastering the skill of goal setting and developing action plans, you may not be able to fully utilize your potential or achieve any goal in life.

  • Time Management

    The truth is you can only manage yourself, you can’t manage time itself. If you want to properly manage your time, you must have self-control, self-mastery, and self-discipline.


Looks great. Your writing is very nice to read. Also, the structure and subjects are well-chosen for a guide on goal setting.

- Anna, Positive Psychology Program B.V.

Really discussed on the key agenda and the topics were well explained. You effectively outlined exactly what it is that you will be discussing and you made sure you keep it. Well done!!

- Mary Tarrobal, Asian Efficiency
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